What should you do with tap water first after returning from vacation?

You are finally home after the holidays, but before you reach for a glass of tap water, let the water run out for a few minutes. If the faucets have been dry for a long time, a number of dangerous bacteria can build up in them.
The best thing to do is to let a dozen liters of water run out before filling the glass. This water does not have to go down the drain, as it is very suitable for watering flowers, for example.

The legionella bacteria, the cause of a very dangerous legionnaires’ disease, multiply in warm, stagnant water and can become infected by inhaling particles while showering. The bacterium can cause severe pneumonia in some people, often fatal and with flu-like symptoms.
If you have someone you trust who visits your house while you are traveling or on vacation, ask them to turn the tap on from time to time as the circulation of the water prevents bacteria from multiplying.

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