GOLD’S PORK FAT IS WORTH IT! Here’s what you can all heal with this boon, you’ll be surprised

In addition to diet, lard can also be used to treat certain diseases. But before that it needs to be washed in nine waters. This means that the ointment is rinsed 9 times always with new water before applying to the body.

Solving gynecological problems:
lard is often used in women who have ovarian inflammation as well as an unpleasant discharge. With this treatment, you need a sterile gauze tampon, which is dipped in lard and placed inside the vagina and held overnight and so on for a week.

Cough and Bronchitis Remedies:
In children, it is often used in the form of a cough and bronchitis remedy. In this case, the most effective ointment is when a bandage is prepared and placed on the neck. It must not be used if the child has a fever.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids:
One way to deal with hemorrhoids is lard. It is applied to the painful area and soon completely eliminates the discomfort: itching, burning, redness, inflammation….

Lard for the skin:
If you’ve had a problem with acne for a long time, try applying lard to your face or the area where pimples appear. The results can be fascinating. In folk medicine, lard is also used for cracked heels, elbows, and even dry hands.
Lard is great for the hair:
if you’re struggling with dry hair, lard will help. Those who have used lard on their hair say that their hair has changed completely and has become much more fluttery and luscious. The treatment is very simple – the ointment should be applied to the hair before washing, that is, to dirty hair. After washing your hair, rinse it with chamomile, which is chamomile tea. The results will be exceptional.

Lard in face creams:
Since lard does not smell very pleasant, baking powder, as well as chamomile and calendula, are added to improve the smell. Back in the days when there weren’t any popular and well-known brands of face and hand creams, people used lard for it and didn’t complain, and their face and hands looked much better than they do today.
Anti-stretch marks:
As a natural remedy, lard is ideal for both stretch marks and acne. Women who have just given birth often have problems with stretch marks. Lard is the right choice for them. The unpleasant smell of lard can be neutralized by mixing it with another cream and then rubbing well on the area where the stretch marks are. After a while, the stretch marks will go away
Solving sinus problems:
use ear swabs to apply ointment to the nostrils, then close them. Lying on your back, the ointment is said to relieve the pain caused by the sinuses. This process can be repeated several times a day.

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