If your hair turns gray early, these may be possible reasons

If your hair started to turn gray before you expected it, it can be a frequent situation, but it can also indicate more serious health problems …

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Experts claim that vitamin B12 deficiency is among the most common causes of early gray hair. It also leads to thinning and hair loss. To avoid such a situation, include beef, eggs, tuna and salmon in your diet, and you can also drink a vitamin B12 supplement.
Thyroid Problems
Thyroid problems are directly mapped to hair follicles, say experts who have researched the problem. If you notice gray hair early or have deviations from the usual condition, such as brittle or oily hair, it may be the thyroid gland.
You eat more bad than healthy foods
An unhealthy diet may be to blame for the excess gray on your head. Various studies have found that ferritin, calcium, vitamin D3, copper, zinc and iron maintain hair health, when a deficiency of these substances occurs, the hair becomes gray.

Too much stress
Experts associate gray hair at an early age with stress. Stress damages the cells responsible for hair restoration which will therefore turn gray prematurely.
Hereditary condition
If your hair has turned gray, you may have inherited it from your parents or grandparents. Dermatologists say our genetics play an important role in determining when hair will start to turn gray. If someone in the family turned gray early, chances are high that you will experience it yourself.
Harmful dyes and chemicals
From shampoos to hair dyes, most products can lead to gray hair. Harmful chemicals in such products affect the level of melanin, which is why your hair loses its natural color.
How to prevent the appearance of gray hair
The bitter truth is that once it turns gray, the hair can no longer regain its natural color. But there are preventative measures you can take to prevent gray hair. Protect your hair from sun damage. When you go out, put on a hat or cap. Avoid hair straighteners and a hair dryer, and the comb you use should have wide teeth. Massage your hair regularly with coconut oil, and include kale, cabbage, almonds, carrot juice and broccoli in your diet.

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