What should be kept quiet about the relationship

A good relationship is based on trust and understanding, but communication is very important. No matter how open you are, there are things you shouldn’t tell your partner about.

When you don’t like a member of their family
Be it his mom who likes to be smart, his sister keeps asking you if you are good enough for him or someone else if you tell him you don’t like him, he will just feel torn like him must choose. Whatever you need to do when it comes to his family, do it with a smile and then on your own.

Giving away codes is completely unnecessary. When giving passwords to your partner, be sure to read your online correspondence. This can be a cause of violent disputes for no reason.

Adventure from the past
Some things are better to stay there, in the past. You don’t have to tell your current partner how many sexual partners you have had so far. Even when it comes to sex life, he doesn’t need to know the details with your exes either.

Don’t mention the former often and don’t compare
And in this situation you need to know the limit. Build your current relationship with your current partner. Needless to say, the former know what they could.

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