Wash fruits and vegetables and pay special attention to these few species

Even though you wash all fruits and vegetables to a greater or lesser extent after shopping, we remind you once again of what you need to wash more carefully in order to consume it safely

It has long been known that fruits and vegetables should be washed after purchase, either because of the dust that builds up or the pesticides that are sprayed on them during cultivation.

However, there are some types that not only can be rinsed a little underwater, but require thorough washing and wiping for safe consumption. Make sure you wash all the fruits and vegetables that you eat with the peel on, as well as peeled fruits such as oranges or tangerines. Regardless of the peeling, bacteria get on your skin and on the fleshy part of the fruit. Rinse them off with cold water, rub them with your hands, and wipe them well with a paper towel.

What many do not know is that nuts and dried fruits have to be rinsed under water before consumption – even if they are peeled, because you do not know where everything was stored during production and transport. In addition, washing helps remove phytic acid, which keeps it fresh and protects against parasites and can harm the human body.

In addition to fruit, vegetables and other raw foods, it would be good to always rinse out beverage cans if you are drinking directly from them. They contain a lot of bacteria and dust that have accumulated during transport.

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