Pandemic Exhaustion! How do you deal with them?

It is important to understand and come to terms with the fact that the global pandemic has been very tiresome, so it is not surprising that the term pandemic exhaustion is being mentioned more and more frequently.

If you feel that you no longer have the energy you used to have, you are listless and irritable, do not despair because you are not lonely! In the following we will tell you how you can deal with it in a natural way.

1. sleep quality
You can’t have a good day if you haven’t fallen asleep. Sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of the mind and body. Consider adding more foods high in magnesium to your diet. This mineral regulates the level of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the sleep cycle

2. feed the brain
Adaptogens like asparagus, reishi mushrooms, and poppies help with alertness and better cognitive skills, as well as caffeine.

3. healthy energy drinks
Provide yourself with clean energy! Drink ginseng tea, which strengthens endurance and improves cardiovascular function. Cherry drinks also help us regulate the wake and sleep cycle. Also consume lemon, lime, cocoa and hibiscus tea.

4. Balanced diet
Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, lutein, and iron play key roles in energy levels and overall wellbeing. Thus it also helps in the fight against the feeling of exhaustion.

5. Control your stress level
Finally, stress can make pandemic fatigue worse. And while it is impossible to avoid, choose methods of dealing with stress. Whether sport, going for a walk, painting, reading a book or meditating …

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