Remind yourself of the top vaginal tips every woman needs to know

Sexual and vaginal health is an extremely important issue for every woman. Google is often your best friend when it comes to finding the answers to many questions, and it is sometimes easy to get lost in the sea of information on offer. While the best solution and option is to clear up any doubts with your gynecologist, reaching them is often not easy, so we bring you in one place the eight most important vaginal tips that every woman should follow.

The 8 Most Important Vaginal Tips For Every Woman

Do not clean the vagina
That doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash yourself, but under no circumstances use special scrubs or soaps, as these only cause damage, i.e. disturb your natural pH balance. Mild soap or just water is all you need. Vaginal experts say it cleans itself. If something is not wrong, it is cleaned with discharge. Under no circumstances should you try to apply any products as this can cause irritation and infection.

The smell of the vagina
Each vagina has its own odor, but if that odor becomes too strong or smelly, see your doctor to rule out any type of bacterial vaginosis.

Pay attention to the color of the discharge
The discharge is normal and may change during your menstrual cycle. Therefore, it looks different every time, depending on what is going on in the body. As the body prepares for ovulation, it also releases more cervical mucus, which can appear white, yellow, cloudy, and sticky. During ovulation, that discharge becomes clear and slippery, and this is your most fertile time. A normal discharge follows again and the cycle starts all over again. However, if your discharge looks like cottage cheese, it could be a sign of infection. Gray, green, or yellow indicate a bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted infection. It is therefore imperative that you contact your doctor.

Proper wiping after an emergency
One thing that we have mentioned countless times, but this is really a rule that you need to follow. Always wipe front to back to avoid transferring bacteria from the rectum to the urethra, which can lead to a urinary tract infection.

Choose your underwear carefully
That means: choose cotton. Although silk lingerie is extremely sexy, only choose it for special occasions. Cotton lets air through and prevents the risk of infection. Also, be sure to change your underwear as soon as possible after your workout.

Be careful which lubricant you choose
There are special products for this. Do not use anything you find convenient and close at hand as it could cause problems and affect the pH of your vagina.

Blood clots during menstruation
If you notice unusual blood clots during your period, talk to your doctor. They are usually not a major problem and can develop if blood is left in one area for too long.

Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly
Whether or not you are in a monogamous relationship, regular testing is extremely important, especially if your doctor thinks there is a basis for doing so. Tests and diagnosis can help eliminate symptoms and create a treatment plan to avoid major problems.

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