You should drink this much water depending on your weight: Not everyone has to drink 2 liters of water a day!

Someone just does not feel the need to drink two or more liters of water every day, and this table has an explanation why this is so.

Water is to the body just like car fuel. As soon as its level is critical, a red light comes on in the form of thirst, nausea, headache.

This means that dehydration has already gone too far. That is why it is important to drink water regularly – because the fluid, drunk a few hours ago or the night before – does not count.

How to correctly calculate the amount of water you need to drink every day? We have prepared and recommend that you use this table for review. Save it and use it for health.

40 kg – 1.2 liters
45 kg – 1.4 liters
50 kg – 1.5 liters
55 kg – 1.7 liters
60 kg – 1.8 liters
65 kg – 2 liters
70 kg – 2.1 liters
75 kg – 2.3 liters
80 kg – 2.4 liters
85 kg – 2.6 liters
90 kg – 2.7 liters
95 kg – 2.9 liters
100 kg – 3 liters
If your exact weight is not in the chart, use this formula to calculate your daily water norm:
For women: (weight x 0.03) + (time of physical activity in hours x 0.4) =… liters
For men: (weight x 0.04) + (hours of physical activity in hours x 0.6) =… liters

Three useful tips to learn to drink more water:

-Pour a small amount of water into the glass. Start with the amount of fluid that is optimal for you. It is better to drink a few sips with pleasure than a whole glass, but with strength.

– Keep a water bottle in sight. It is better to buy a beautiful bottle that will motivate you for new achievements and will remind you of a healthy lifestyle with good habits.

– Use mobile applications. To control and get reminders about the need to drink water, install some of the applications – WaterCheck, Watermania, Hydro, WaterBalance.

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