Why is it so hard to be motivated to exercise?

It goes without saying that all the benefits of exercise are for the appearance of our body and overall health. However, when it comes time for action – it is difficult to stay disciplined and force yourself to train.
The research team of the University of British Columbia gathered 29 volunteers who participated in the experiment, which aimed to analyze the psychological state of people who are preparing for physical activity.

Volunteers were asked to focus on photos showing physical activity and physical inactivity, such as relaxing and watching a favorite series. Research has shown that the human brain reacts much more slowly to activity, so it is concluded that it is quite difficult for our body to convince the mind to act.

No matter how hard we try to make sure that physical, or any other activity is good for us, sometimes it is very difficult to put that fact into action, so motivation is key.

Not every exercise is for everyone and should not be forced! Experts advise that each person find exercises that suit them, which will provide you with daily motivation and not allow you to give up.

Skipping rope is great for exercising at home. If you find it hard to force yourself to leave home and exercise in nature, this is a great and very effective alternative.

You can also design certain obstacles yourself. Be creative and set yourself challenges that will be interesting to you every day. You can design all of the above in your home. You do not necessarily have to have a “home gym”, it is very effective to exercise in the apartment while following certain fitness trainers on the Internet.

However, if it is not so difficult for you to force yourself to outdoor activities, you can always dedicate yourself to a sport that you have not had the opportunity to try before.

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