10 signs that confirm that your partner is no longer sexually attracted to you

Couples who get along well in bed often quarrel less than those who have a bad sex life. And when sex is bad or infrequent, then it can also indicate much bigger relationship problems. But don’t worry, if it’s not some big problem like cheating, then everything can be easily solved by talking.

The most important thing is to find the source of the problem, and we bring you 10 signs that indicate that you do not enjoy sex with your partner as much as you should:
1.You always find some excuses
When you are dissatisfied with your sex life, then you will always come up with some other obligation to avoid it.
2.You fantasize about others
It’s not a sin to sometimes fantasize about someone else during sex, but if you have to do it always, something isn’t right.
3.You tricked him
Cheating on a partner is never good and is a sure sign that something is wrong in that relationship. If you enjoy sex with others more than with your partner, then it would be best for both of you to end the relationship.
4.You experience sex as an obligation
Nobody likes obligations, and if you feel obliged to give your partner sexual pleasure, then there is little chance that you will enjoy it.
5.Sex does not make you happy
If the thought of having sex with your partner does not arouse any emotions in you and you do not really think about it, then it is possible that you have completely cooled down from him. There is no room for indifference in love.
6.You are not comfortable
There are people who simply do not enjoy sex, either for mental or physical reasons. In such situations, it is best to seek professional help.
7.You don’t talk about sex
In addition to practicing sex, it is very important in a relationship to talk about it: about what you like, what bothers you, what you would like to try … If you avoid such conversations and keep everything to yourself, then you are to blame for it that you do not enjoy sex.
8.You are unhappy in a relationship
If you are often dissatisfied with your partner and your love affair, then it is normal that you do not have the desire for sex, as well as that you do not enjoy it.
9.Compare yourself with others
Every relationship is special, just like the sex in it. That’s why you should never compare yourself to others, whether it’s friends or movies. The most important thing is to enjoy everything, even if it doesn’t look like you imagined.
10.You have lost interest
If you are generally bored with sex, it may mean that you are bored with your partner. You should definitely talk to him about it and try to smooth things over, and if it doesn’t work, then it’s time to break up.

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